Friday, January 15, 2010

The Power of Supplements

For a long time I have been very skeptical about the power of weightloss/fat burning supplements. My main apprehension comes from having tried a few questionable products that left me feeling like I was poppin' pills, drinking redbull, beating some crackhead's ass and doing jumping-jacks all at the same time!

This time, I am pleased to present a supplement that does exactly what it's supposed to and leaves me feeling energized (and not doped up).......ready?

....Curvelle by Isatori.

If the pink text hasn't helped in drawing an inference, this product is for the ladies and men who wear Gucci flip-flops.

Now, they recommend that you take it daily, 30 minutes before you eat or work-out up to 3x daily. However, even though I am confident in Isatori's research, I would never dump this "proprietary blend" in my body more than one time a day; AND only on the days I work out.

I depend on the following site for my supplement knowledge:
I depend on my muse for some much needed knowledge.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On My Way....

I've been reading internet smack and found some lovely ladie's measurements; you all are familiar with these shapely ladies and if you're not, LAME is your new nickname, now get acquianted! (I ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to provide you with links! C'mon people, watch a lil TV!)

Beyonce at 5'7" she is 36B-25-38
Janet Jackson at 5'5" she is 35C-22.5-36
Kim Kardashian at 5'2" she is 34D-26-39
Melyssa Ford at 5'4" she is 34D-22-36
Tracy Ellis Ross at 5'8" she is 34B-24-34

Just looking at the stats I'd say progress is closer than I had imagined. Right now my precious thickness is as follows: 36D-31-41.....ahhh yes, I have accounted for my gut that tires around my back and hides my butt!

My goal at my height of 5'5.5" is to have the measurements of roughly 34D-26-38... and my booty had cup measurements I'm lookin' at the D cup equivalent (gotta balance the twins)!

I'd say I'm on my way! SO what exactly do you ladies and gentlemen do to keep your body wonderfully delicious? Lemme know....

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Power of a Girdle & Kyle

SO... power of a girdle... need I say more? See below.....

For those of you that know me and have seen me in person we know that lil bulge that only a Kangaroo's offspring could fit into...we have actually become very acquainted with it. In fact, we (meaning you all) have embraced it as part of Jackie's body!!!

Well, serious can't begin to describe my commitment and dedication to getting rid of that pouch, pooch, gut, thickness, or whatever else the fitness and image consultants of Essence, Cosmo or Vogue want to call it.

After years of being a "BIG girl" and serious rebuttals from people who are too lazy to train themselves or suggest they will train me for free (I refrain from dropping bombs on you both, but YOU KNOW who you are!), I've hired a personal trainer.....named Kyle. LOL! (dont know why but his name amuses me.......too much South Park inna me youth my yute!)

After my initial fitness test last week- which had my thighs so tight and burning with unfamiliar pain, I couldn't even walk right- I decided that I desperately needed these 26 hardcore a$$-busting sessions.

I trained with Kyle (chuckle!hehe!) on Monday at 6:30 in the morning and will see him tomorrow at the same time. Today, I used the StairMaster for the first time EVER! I know this won't be easy but....


I switched Spice sections to Greece Backline....that doesn't mean I have more room for error...just more money in my pocket.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Not another Mediocre B-day Picture!!!!!

I turn 23 in like 4 weeks and it really did occur to me last night as I watched 4 back-to-back episodes of Housewives of Atlanta, there are to many old b*tches that look better than me, as far as their body goes......

I didn't fret. Instead, I called the one person who actually has a clue about working out and doesn't just pump unmanigable loads of iron and drink protein shakes to create a physique that most women probably don't care for to begin with (at least not the educated breed)....

Raphael is going to begin training me Next Week. My routine will include a lot of weights and a lot of crunches. However, I would imagine that he will have WHOLE SEPARATE routine for my ass......I support that! If that Kardashian woman can have a nice body, why can't I?
I mean, what else does she have besides an amazingly gorgeous face, luscious hair and an ass capable of being the spokesperson(?) for Mary J's Haterade? I dare say....I will challenge her to a textbook dual and a 1990's dance-off. Riiiiiiight......ahhh F**K THAT Beeeeeeeeeeepppppppppp!

Now that all things Soca and Reggae are on pause for a good 5 months, I'm going into hibernation. Meaning, I WILL:
-eat like a squirrel in prospect park!
-do pilates every Wednesday and Saturday!
-hit prospect park every morning next week!
-begin with walking, or shall I say crawling this week, starting a light jog by the following week, then a full on run for the winter.....

I am about a size 10/11 right now. By my b-day a solid size 8. I lose dress sizes very quickly.....THANK GOD! Weight on the other hand gets stuck in my thunder thighs! Ewwww!!!!

(but I've been told these are some pretty sexy thighs, take the good with the bad.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I deviated... and backsled!!!

So I had a series of "fat girl" moments this week...

Thursday morning I had McDonalds' #4 breakfast meal you wont believe this...two...(one, two) apple pies!!! And although I didnt eat the pies with my breakfast I did eat them throughout the day. Then Thursday night I went to the movies- Linden Blvd Mutliplex to be exact- where I had $18.75 of bad food. The choices are just horrible at the theaters but I had two hot dogs, one topped with chili and another with ketchup. I had french fries and then... guess the 40oz DIET coke may have helped me redeem myself.

On Friday, I had Dunkin Donuts "Lite" Latte which is sweeter than any iced coffee I ever had at McDonalds. Then I had a toasted Everything bagel with eggs and bacon.

AFTER wonderful roommate decided that it was time to have some Mister Softee Ice Cream. Ya'll know the dripping infected viral soft serve I'm talking about, right?

SO today, I knew I would just make better choices.....I had some Pistachio ice cream made by everyone's favorite Ben & fucking Jerry.

WHY DO I EAT LIKE THIS?????!?!?!?!?!?!....I can't remember the last real meal I've had for the week. It's a wonder that I'm not a size 24 and 275 pounds! I'm certain that everything I accomplished in P-Park for the past two weeks was lost these past three days.

Now that I'm back to square one, I am going to show ya'll my start point....

It's not that bad but it's not Front Line material, AT ALL!!! I am heading to the supermarket tomorrow and will dump all this "fun food" for healthier choices. You are what you eat you know.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

New Found Inspiration!

So I've found a new inspiration for my pack an it's called Front Line!

Yes, this year I am playing FL in Trinidad. Nothing will stop me!!! When Spice launched The Spice Route last Sunday I just knew that I had to do whatever it takes to get in gear and fluff my rear, so to speak. Last year I wasn't the worst looking person on the road but what did I look like, you say?.....


This is my year to shine. I have speculated about which costume I actually wanted to play but I think people wi
ll be quite surprised when the decision is finally made. Right now Gates of Petra seems to be my main FL option but knowing me...I may shock the world with my actual choice.

So! What's my plan of action you it unfold. For the past week, I have been running in Prospect Park and killing myself in the gym with 1.5 hours of Cardio daily. I have really gotten strict on my eating regimen. Today I initiated what will be a series on Sunday cleanses to keep out unwanted wast particles....thus minimizing my mid-section. Either way,I am determined and I won't stop until my thighs cease from rubbing together.


Friday, June 22, 2007

Pilates Are Back!

I haven't posted in some time now. I have been running about 2 times a weeks outside. That is not nearly enough roadwork but it is something.

I have realized that last summer when I did more strength training I was getting rid of visceral fat. My stomach was getting flat within a month! So I am going to work Pilates into my schedule at least twice a week.

I am going to have to get on my grind and workout everyday, 6 days a week.

I will be uploading photos periodically. I'm too damn excited!